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"...[My nurse's] bedside manor is excellent.  She helped me to lower my sugar intake by explaining to me the importance of protein and vegetables that I consume and the importance of lower sugar in the healing process.  She answered any questions that I have had completely, and in terms that I was able to understand.


When I went to my doctor's office for a wound check, the nurse there was amazed to see how well my wound had been bandaged and packed. She said that she had never seen such a good packing job.  Also, the doctor was really happy with how well I was healing and he even said that I was very fortunate to have a visiting nurse who did such a good job.


My nurse has been very flexible and accommodating with her time and visits, along with being just a lovely person.  She has done a great job here and although I am happy to be healed, we will be sorry to see her go."         - S. C.




"I am writing on the behalf of my partner who received care from Caring Professionals Home Care.  His nurse was extremely nice to the patient and me when she was caring for him during his bout with cancer.  Unfortunately, he died recently, but I wanted you to know what a kind and professional employee you have.  Please convey my thanks to the nurse."     - R. M.



"This note is to tell you "thank you" for your wonderful service.


After ten days in the hospital, I was more than anxious to get home, but I did not feel well nor was I really able to care for myself.  My nurse adjusted her schedule to be here late in the day to check the infusion supplies.  With kind patience, she instructed my husband how to do the many steps of the infusion.  The nurse was here frequently, and when needed.  She was professional, concerned and caring.


I was so afraid of trying to shower, but also needing to feel clean.  Our home health aide was so sweet and kind, and put me at ease.  Bathing a large eighty one year old lady can't be easy, but she was wonderful.  I am so thankful for my good hospital care, but I would be remiss if I did not tell you how wonderful your home services were."     - L. F.

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We are a Medicare certified home health care provider licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health.